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What is a mini-saga?

A mini saga is a story told in exactly 50 words (no more, no less)
It’s easy and fun to write mini-sagas because you don’t have to write long essays and the topics are varied.

However, it’s also challenging because the story has to be short and interesting at the same time (you only have 50 words to say everything and the story has to have a start, a body and an ending.)

Here you have some funny examples:

Love at first sight

John was a regular in that train. Today seemed different, probably because of Sally who was in New York for work. They started the conversation casually but both became very close in less than thirty minutes. They exchanged phone numbers, of course. John promptly called a day later – “Wrong number!”

The line between success and failure

A girl was sitting for her A-levels. She was very confident about her results. She saw her results. The results were so bad that she could not accept them. She screamed and fainted. She was sent to the hospital. In the hospital she became mad. Her life ended up there.

Like mother, like son

Dear Mummy
I hate this boarding school. Food awful, prefects bully me. Please take me home.
Love, David.

Dear David
Nonsense! Chin up.

Dear David
I hate this home. Food awful, nurses treat me like a child. Fetch me immediately.

Dear Mother
Nonsense! Chin up.

Some useful tips

1. Start by thinking a possible story answering this question: “What has happened to him/her?”
Remember that you have to use for, since and ago and keep in mind when we use them and with which verb tense they are used.
Give a name to your protagonist and situate him/her somewhere, doing something. There are many possibilities:

Protagonist: he/she can be a burglar, a painter, an actor/ actress, a student, etc.

Place: he/she can be in another country, in a living-room, in a theater, in a school, etc.

Action: What has happened to him/her? The plot of the story.

2. Now you are ready to start writing your own story.

3. Count how many words your story has. If it has more than 50, shorten it. You can eliminate all the things that are not important for your story. Rewrite your story.

4. Finally, count the words your story has again and make sure that it has exactly 50 words. You might need to change some expressions or sentences in your story for this purpose.

You can post your mini-sagas clicking "comentarios"

Read your mates' mini-sagas and choose your favourite one.

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carl0ta dijo...

Cristina I'm Carlota Espallargas, 4t D!. These is my mini-saga!

Since two years I discovered what I had one power to prevent things.
Two days ago, when I returned of the gym was dark and that day I prevent bad anything, a crime. I’m frightening even but don’t know which is the victim and is murderous. And now can’t sleep.

pol dijo...

Hi I'm Pol Casanovas, I post my mini-saga. Bye!

Ten years ago, Charles lived in Romania with Alice (his mother).
Charles was a journalist.
One night when he arrived at home he did not find Alice. He searched his mother and found her near the forest. She was dead!
Since this night Charles lives in London for one year.

natalia dijo...

Hi Cristina I'm Natalia Floriach, I post my mini-saga!
bye ^^

Three years ago I was staying in Miami Beach. I was taking sunbathe when I saw that a shark was eating a child. It was so frighten! All the people leaved the sea quickly. The child's mum couldn't stop crying, she was paralised. I'll never forget this day.

neeeus dijo...

Hi Cristina! I'm Neus Dominguez. here I post my mini-saga

Two years ago Maria was skiing in the mountain. She was running down the mountain when she saw something. She stopped and called her father. They went to see what happen. For an instant they didn't see anything, suddenly they saw a bear. Since then she hasn't returned to ski.


Sergi dijo...
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Sergi dijo...

Hi, I'm Sergi Cerezuela and this is my mini-saga...

The story of the wallet

It happened two years ago.
Since 2001 I didn't used a wallet. My mother gave me some money, I was putting it in the wallet. I had to pay and I didn't find the money. I went to my house and I thought that... I'm carried the wallet for this day!

David Giménez dijo...

Hi Cristina I'm David Giménez, I post my mini-saga. Good Christmas!

The student was in the theatre from 12:00. He was preparing the musical one from about five hours o'clock. It was emotive and interesting to prepare the musical one. From 2002, them they have invented and prepared the musical one. At one stroke, while they were working, key the theatre. Some of them could be protected but the majority they died. Later it came the police and the firemen. Later there was discovered that 200 persons had died.

Anna González dijo...

Hi Cristina!
I'm Anna González!
this is my mini-saga.

A Cinderella story

This is a story of a little princess who lost her parents a few years ago.
She lived with her new mother and his daugthers in a castle for three years.
She worked as slave in his castle.
Cinderella met a attractive prince in a party and she love him!

see you soon,

Anna González
IES Damià Campeny

Roger dijo...

Hi, I'm Roger Calsapeu, i'm post my mini-saga. Bye!

The pursuit

Alex has played handball since 2000. When he was going to play he saw a strange person who has pursued Alex for five minutes.
He started to run fast and finally, he arrived in Stadium. He saw his friends and he told the story.

This story were two years ago.

Anónimo dijo...

My name is Oriol and I want sleep. Ah! I post my mini-saga. Bye! Bye!

Deamned pig

Since 1999 Paul didn't see his parents. When he enter to the house he saw a pig, but he continued because he wanted see his family. When he was looking for them for three hours but he found a card. In the card said that pig and house was deamned . When he read these he started to run but the pig who was in the house caught him and ate him.

These happened 3 years ago.

I haven't could reduce more, sorry.

Unknown dijo...

My name is Ali and this is my mini saga best sporsman

Thud!Shoo!Falling from the sky like a meteor towards the ground.A bunch of shouts from the crowd and laughter from the cheering spectaters.A bead of sweat trickled down the neck of people.CATCH IT!the ball hit the fielders head and then came a loud shout HOMERUN!